A Ready and Resilient Workforce for the Department of Homeland Security: Protecting America’s Front Line
Committee on the Department of Homeland Security Workforce Resilience; Board on Health Sciences Policy; Institute of Medicine
NAS Press | 2013 | ISBN: 0309289467 9780309289467 | 291 pages | PDF | 5 MB


This book reviews current workforce resilience efforts, identifies gaps, and provides recommendations for a 5-year strategy to improve Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 

This report stresses the importance of strong leadership, communication, measurement, and evaluation in the organization and recommends content for a 5-year plan that will promote centralized strategic direction and resource investment to improve readiness and resilience at the department. 
The recommendations focuses on creating a common culture of workforce readiness and resilience, while recognizing the distinct, proud, celebrated cultures of its component agencies. 

Brief Contents
Acronyms and Abbreviations
1 Introduction and Background
2 A Vision and Goals for Workforce Readiness and Resilience
3 Leadership, Communication, and Culture in the Department of Homeland Security
4 Measurement, Evaluation, and Reporting for Improved Readiness and Resilience
5 Elements of the Department of Homeland Security Workforce Readiness and Resilience Strategic Plan
Appendix A: Department of Homeland Security Organizational Charts
Appendix B: Committee Meeting Agendas
Appendix C: Public Comment from Department of Homeland Security Employees
Appendix D: Inventory of Programs and Services of the Department of Homeland Security
Appendix E: Organizational Self-Assessment Tool NIOSH Essential Elements
Appendix F: Committee Biosketches


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