Mitch Winehouse – Amy, My Daughter
Published: 2012-06-26 | ISBN: 0062191381, 0062218352 | EPUB / MOBI | 320 pages | 3 MB


The intimate, inside story of the ultimately tragic life of multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse (“Rehab,” “Back to Black”) is told by the one person most able to tell it—Amy’s closest advisor, her inspiration, and best friend: her father, Mitch. Amy, My Daughter includes exclusive, never-before-seen photos and paints an open and honest portrait of one of the greatest musical talents of our time.
Covering every aspect of Amy Winehouse’s life, this is the inside story from the one person able to tell it–her best friend, her father. With exclusive, never-before-seen photos, original artwork, and lyrics from Amy, this open and honest portrait will tell the comprehensive story behind one of the greatest talents of our time.
In this intimate and definitive account of the life and legacy of Amy Winehouse, her father Mitch gives readers full access to one of our time’s most talented and tragic stars, offering a complete portrait from her first and most devoted fan. Beginning with personal anecdotes of Amy’s youth in North London, Mitch reveals his daughter’s playful, mischievous personality and the musical influences that would eventually shape her as an artist and a performer. He charts her rise to fame, from her first rap group at age 10 to the period of stagnation following her first album to the explosion of her popularity with the release of Back to Black. 
Yet even as Amy’s career flourished, dark undercurrents ran through her private life, and here Mitch presents a candid look at his daughter’s struggles with drugs, alcohol, self-harm, and eating disorders. Going behind the public tabloid frenzy that surrounded Amy’s substance abuse, he examines what was really happening to her and reveals previously unknown information about her difficult road to recovery. He also goes behind the headlines to show the truth about her turbulent marriage to Blake Fielder-Civil, setting the record straight about how that relationship impacted Amy and her career. 
Filled with previously undisclosed pieces of Amy herself in the form of personal drawings, handwritten lyrics, and writings that illuminate her innermost thoughts, this book spans her entire career until her untimely death, illustrating her sparkling personality, influential career, and most unforgettable moments. For any fan who wants to see beyond Amy’s public persona, for any music lover who wants to understand one of the most talented singers of her generation, or for anyone who wants to experience firsthand the powerful bond between a father and a daughter, this book is essential.


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