Milad Manafi, “Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals” 
2011 | pages: 300 | ISBN: 9789533073125 | PDF | 6,9 mb


As we look back over the millennium, it is difficult to imagine man’s evolution in the absence of domesticated livestock. Likewise, domesticated animals are so dependent upon man that in his absence their very existence would be jeopardized to the point where they would not thrive and some would fail to survive. Artificial insemination (AI) – one of the most important techniquesever devised for the genetic improvement of farm animals – is a widely used tool for livestock breeding and management programs and is a process by which sperm are collected from the male, processed, stored and artificially introduced into the female reproductive tract for the purpose of conception. A male animal produces millions of sperms daily. Theoretically, it can inseminate females regularly and produce several offsprings.


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