Kathleen Uradnik, ‎Lori A. Johnson, ‎Sara Beth Hower – Battleground: Government and Politics
Published: 2011-09-23 | ISBN: 0313343136 | PDF | 630 pages | 4 MB


Controversial Issues, Confrontational Opinions. “Battlegrounds” makes them clear. Are you ready for an argument? If not, then the “Battleground” references are for you. Each set focuses on one area of life – religion, politics, family life, education – and examines in detail the approximately 100 most hot-button issues that provoke, anger, challenge, and divide us all. The entries – all written by scholars with a deep understanding of the issues – provide readers with a non-biased assessment of these controversial topics. What are the main points of contention? Who holds each position? What are the underlying concerns? What might the future hold on these debates? Each of the sets looks at the most fought about and contentious topics within the relevant area. The entries are thorough, meaty, and even handed. They are designed to provide light where there is usually only heat. “The Battleground” sets are ‘go to’ resources for students working on contemporary issues homework, term papers, or argumentative position assignments. Also, the “Battlegrounds” are perfect resources for those wanting to get away from the spin and argument around these hot-buttons, and just get ‘the facts’ with syntheses and common sense from experts. Politics, it has been noted, is the art of the possible, and it’s also been said that government is the worst thing in the world, next to anarchy. With opinions like that, is it any wonder that some of the most divisive debates in society involve the place of government and politics? This work examines dozens of the most contentious issues in contemporary life. Each topic is examined in a balanced way, providing not only an overview of the issues involved, but also an objective assessment of the stance of all sides. Readers can use these entries as a thorough and solid summary of the contentious battlegrounds in contemporary society, or the entries can serve as a launching pad for more in-depth research into each debate. Many entries include sidebars on important aspects of the topic, and each entry includes a list of useful resources for further study. Articles of this title cover many of the issues that impact how our government is run today and how it will be run in the future: Campaign Finance Reform; Domestic Surveillance; Election Fraud; Separation of Powers; Universal Health Care; and, Warrantless Wiretaps.


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