Bill Hilton – How to Really Play the Piano: The Stuff Your Teacher Never Taught You
Carrier Books (November 11, 2009) | ISBN: 0956220401 | English | Pages: 138 | PDF | 16.76 Mb


The author covers most popular styles, soloing and comping techniques in a perfect balance of theoretical and practical analysis of both written and performed music (the latter in correlated youtube video lessons, which are neatly indexed at his website). The one caveat is you need basic music reading skills, but given these, the book provides a clear and unintimidating way into beginning to work on any style covered in it.

Without sugarcoating the amount of work it will take to get really good at it, he gives you the tools to start working on songs immediately and refers you to materials for further study, both books and recordings by other artists. He also sprinkles much wisdom and insight in tips about the process and experience of self-teaching.


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