A. I Kolchin, “Design of automotive engines” 
English | 1984 | ASIN: B0007BKTD0 | PDF | 430 pages | 17,7 mb


Nowadays the main problems in the field of development and improvement of motor-vehicle and tractor engines are concerned with wider use of diesel engines, reducing fuel consumption and weight per horsepower of the engines and cutting down the costs of their production and service. The engine-pollution control, as well as the engine-noise control in service have been raised to a new level. 
Far more emphasis is given to the use of computers in designing and testing engines. Ways have been outlined to utilize computers directly in the construction of engines primarily in the construction of diesel engines.
The challenge of these problems requires deep knowledge of the theory, construction and design of internal combustion engines on the part of specialists concerned with the production and service of the motor vehicle and tractor engines. 
The book contains the necessary informat ion and systerna tized methods for the design of motor vehicle and tractor engines. 
Assisting the students in assimilating the material and gaining deep knowledge, this work focuses on the practical use of the knowledge in the design and analysis of motor vehicle and tractor engines. 
This educational aid includes many reference data on modern engines and tables covering the ranges in changing the basic mechanical parameters, permissible stresses and strains, etc.


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