Paulo Davim J, “Green Manufacturing Processes and Systems” 
2013 | ISBN-10: 3642337910 | 140 pages | PDF | 3 MB


This book provides the recent advances on green manufacturing processes and systems for modern industry. 

Chapter 1 provides information on sustainable manufacturing through environmentally-friendly machining. Chapter 2 is dedicated to environmentally-friendly machining: vegetable based cutting fluids. Chapter 3 describes environmental-friendly joining of tubes. Chapter 4 contains information on concepts, methods and strategies for zero-waste in manufacturing. Finally, chapter 5 is dedicated to the application of hybrid MCDM approach for selecting the best tyre recycling process.

This book serves as a research book for students at final undergraduate engineering course or at postgraduate level. It is a reference for professionals in industries related to manufacturing and new green jobs (green products, renewable energy, green services and environmental conservation).


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