“Health Management: Different Approaches and Solutions” ed. by Krzysztof Śmigórski
InTeOpP | 2011 | ISBN: 9533072968 9789533072968 | 508 pages | PDF | 18 MB

The aim of this book is to present issues relating to health management in a way that would be satisfying for academicians and practitioners. It is designed to be a forum for the experts in the thematic area to exchange viewpoints, and to present health management’s state-of-art as a scientific and professional domain.

Part 1 Wellness and Lifestyle
1 A Future for Integrated Diagnostic Helping
2 A Mobile-Phone-Based Health Management System
3 Health Care with Wellness Wear
4 Smart Health Management Technology
5 Association of Intimate Partner Physical and Sexual Violence with Childhood Morbidity in Bangladesh
6 Making a Healthy Living Space Through the Concept of Healthy Building of Building Medicine
7 Mycotoxins: Quality Management, Prevention, Metabolism, Toxicity and Bio monitoring
8 Non-Invasive Methods for Monitoring Individual Bioresponses in Relation to Health Management
9 Environmental Pollution and Chronic Disease Management – A Prognostics Approach
10 Epidemiology and Prevention of Traffic Accidents in Cuba
Part 2 Disease Management
11 Health Infrastructure Inequality and Rural-Urban Utilization of Orthodox and Traditional Medicines in Farming Households: A Case Study of Ekiti State, Nigeria
12 A New Economic and Social Paradigm for Funding Recovery in Mental Health in the Twenty First Century
13 Three Decades of the Integrated Child Development Services Program in India: Progress and Problems
14 Disease Management of Avian Influenza H5N1 in Bangladesh – A Focus on Maintaining Healthy Live Birds
15 Affectation Situation of HIV/AIDS in Colombian Children
16 Strengthening Health Systems in Yemen: Review of Evidence and Implications for Effective Actions for the Poor
17 Performance Measurement Features of the Italian Regional Healthcare Systems: Differences and Similarities
Part 3 General Issues
18 Causal Inference in Randomized Trials with Noncompliance
19 Design of Scoring Models for Trustworthy Risk Prediction in Critical Patients
20 Human Walking Analysis, Evaluation and Classification Based on Motion Capture System
21 The Role of Mass Media Communication in Public Health
22 The Unresolved Issue of the “Terminal Disease” Concept
23 Prolactin and Schizophrenia, an Evolving Relationship
24 Tolerance to Tick-Borne Diseases in Sheep: Highlights of a Twenty-Year Experience in a Mediterranean Environment
25 The Foragining Ecology of the Green Turtle in the Baja California Peninsula: Health Issues


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