Michel Cloitre, “High Solid Dispersions”
English | ISBN: 3642163815 | edition 2010 | PDF | 249 pages | 6,4 mb


From Polymers to Colloids: Engineering the Dynamic Properties of Hairy Particles, by D. Vlassopoulos and G. Fytas * Nonlinear Rheological Properties of Dense Colloidal Dispersions Close to a Glass Transition Under Steady Shear, by M. Fuchs * Micromechanics of Soft Particle Glasses, by R. T. Bonnecaze and M. Cloitre * Quantitative Imaging of Concentrated Suspensions Under Flow, by L. Isa, R. Besseling, A. B. Schofield and W. C. K. Poon * Soft and Wet Materials: From Hydrogels to Biotissues, by J. P. Gong and Y. Osada


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