B. V. Raman, “Hindu Predictive Astrology” 
1996 | pages: 292 | ISBN: 8185273545 | PDF | 28,2 mb


Various theories have been set up to discover the influences of planets upon the terrestrial phenomena. While some people admit the intimate relationship that exists betwixt the movements of those “mysterious intelligences” in the heavens and the fortunes and misfortunes of men, rise and fall of Empires, ebb and flow of human passions and the regeneration and degeneration of Arts, Sciences, Literature and Philosophy, there are others who always deny the existence of any sort of connection between the stars and the inhabitants of this earth. This attitude is due to the fact that they do not approach the subject with an unbiassed and unprejudiced mind. Dispassio nate enquiry alone can enable one to appreciate the truth behind any branch of knowledge. In any field of enquiry. The student will find it useful to remember. it is a major error of the intellect to attempt to oppose prejudices based on apriori arguments to the evidence afforded by facts. The final test of a theory is that it should work satisfactorily in prac· tice. This is the test by which astrological theory should be judged. 


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