Michael Freeman, Daniela Bowker, “Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Composition” 
English | ISBN: 1908150300 | 2012 | PDF | 160 pages | 94 MB


The essential concept for which there is no Auto mode, a good-sense composition is what separates a phenomenal photograph from a snapshot. In this title, Michael Freeman and Daniela Bowker teaches how to use a photographic eye to not only seek out engaging subjects, but also approach them from the best angle, in optimal light, for the maximum effect. Going beyond the basics of how to capture images, this title explains why certain photographs succeed, uncovering the mysteries of abstract aesthetics to give practical rules and real-world advice to push images to the next level. Reviews and commentary on other students work give insight into the creative photographers mind, revealing the practical thought processes behind successful photographs. Readers will learn to avoid cliché and embrace their own unique shooting style, imparting their own interpretation and statement to each photograph they create.


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