Obsession – by Paolo E. Serpieri
1996 edition | ISBN: 586793103X | PDF | 62 pages | 12.5 Mb


This book features mainly beautiful drawings with very little written story, but it still captures the essence of Druuna along with the depth and complexities of her quest. Druuna is an incredibly complex character, one to be admired for more than just her sexuality. Those who only see the beautiful woman are definitely missing something. Though we can’t “see” her brains, she has great intelligence. 

The “Obsession” story is not seamless or traditional storytelling; rather, it is somewhat ethereal – voicing Druuna’s thoughts, mindset, and reasoning. What is especially exceptional about this is the insight we receive regarding her two primary motivations – to save/help Shastar (her love) and to survive. Her means to accomplish these things is where her intelligence really shows. She is smart enough to use bartering and manipulation to achieve her goal, mainly to obtain serum to slow or reverse the mutation caused by the disease that has infected everyone. Druuna is not the typical warrior science fiction/fantasy woman. Sure, she could pick up a sword and inflict some serious damage and death. She chooses not to do this because she is intelligent. In a brutal world inhabited mainly by evil men, who are naturally stronger than she is, she would be killed fairly quickly if she chose to fight. Since she must live to help Shastar, she uses other means to survive, and to get what she needs. 


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