Maxime Bôcher, “Plane analytic geometry: with introductory chapters on the differential calculus” 
1915 | pages: 254 | ASIN: B00BN4U8PY | PDF | 13,5 mb


“Analytic Geometry, if properly taugh, is a difficult subject, if mastery is the aim. I have cut out, or put in small type (or in late chapters which may be easily omitted) what seems to me less essential. With very few exceptions I have used methods so straightforward that they can serve as models for the student in his own work. Neither the notation of determinants nor that of the calculus has been used, since a difficult new subject is only obscured by a notation which has not already become throughly familiar, and I am old-fashioned enought to believe in handling one difficulty at a time.” – Maxime Bôcher.


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