Planetary Atmospheric Electricity (Space Sciences Series of ISSI) by Fran├žois Leblanc, Karen Aplin, Yoav Yair and Giles Harrison
English | pages: 540 | 2008 | ISBN: 0387876634 | PDF | 10,1 mb

The objective of this book is to discuss our present understanding of atmospheric electricity at Earth and on the other planets of our solar system. The book is organized into chapter which are Introduction, Ionisation processes in Planetary Atmospheres, Measurements and effects of thunderstorms and lightning, New missions, Hazards and atmospheric effects, Charging formation, Electromagnetic signature of discharge in the atmosphere.

The book is organized in order to openly discuss of all issues related to atmospheric electricity applied to our solar system planets. Part of the contrinutors are experts of atmospheric electricity who will describe the present understanding of this phenomena at the Earth and another part correspond to experts of planetary science working either on instrument developments aiming to observe the atmospheric electricity on other planets or on theoretical models of planetary atmospheric electricity.


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