Meng Ni and Tim S. Zhao, “Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: From Materials to System Modeling”¬†
English | ISBN: 1849736545 | 2013 | 400 pages | PDF | 21 MB


This is a volume that discusses recent developments in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) technology. Examples of key chapters will include: an introduction to stationary fuel cells; electrolyte, cathode and anode material development; interconnecting materials for SOFC stacks; infiltration/impregnation technique for fabricating nanostructured electrodes; SOFC electrode microstructure reconstruction techniques, pore scale modeling; fuel flexibility; long-term operating stability; applications in combined heat, cooling and power systems; integrated SOFC and gas turbine systems; dynamic analysis and system controls. The book will provide an essential reference for material scientists, chemical engineers, engineering technologists, electrochemists and all those working in SOFC development.


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