Ben Applebaum, Dan DiSorbo, “The Book of the Party Animal: A Champion’s Guide to Party Skills, Pranks, and Mayhem” 
English | ISBN: 145211885X | 2013 | EPUB | 215 pages | 3,8 mb

In today’s world of texting and social networking, the legendary art of partying has been left to amateurs, wannabes, and party crashers. The true Party Animal stands out from the crowd, dances like a fool, knows the best pranks, gets the girl, and can smooth talk his way out of any sticky situation. The Book of the Party Animal reveals the crucial elements of being a Party Animal, detailing some of history’s most famous partiers, compiling a list of the best Party Animal drinks (complete with recipes), and explaining how to rule the dance floor with certified Party Animal moves. The perfect gift for all sorts of occasions, this entertaining guide is sure to improve parties everywhere-one Party Animal at a time.


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