Video Processing and Communications By Yao Wang, Jôrn Ostermann, Ya-Qin Zhang
2001 | 595 Pages | ISBN: 0130175471 | PDF | 18 MB

Useful as a reference work, this book offers a good balance between theoretical concepts and practical solutions, with more rigorous formulation of certain problems such as motion estimation, sampling, basic coding theory. Provides an in-depth exposition of fundamental theory and techniques for video processing, including frequency domain characterization of video signals and visual perception, video sampling and format conversion, two dimensional and three dimensional motion estimation. Also presents techniques important for video communications, including video coding and error control, and up-to-date coverage on recent international standards on video communications. A chapter is devoted to video streaming over Internet and wireless networks, one of the most popular video communication applications. In addition, it discusses processing and communications of stereoscopic and multiview video. Practicing researchers and engineers. 

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