Lee Weng Fook, “VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design: On ASIC and FPGA”
English | 2007-08-28 | ISBN: 0071497021 | 239 pages | PDF | 4.04 mb


Acquire the Design Information, Methods, and Skills Needed to Master the New VLIW Architecture!

VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design offers you a complete guide to VLIW hardware design—providing state-of-the-art coverage of microarchitectures, RTL coding, ASIC flow, and FPGA flow of design. The book also contains a wide range of skills-building examples, all worked using Verilog, that equip you with a practical, hands-on tutorial for understanding each step in the VLIW microprocessor design process. 

Written by Weng Fook Lee, an internationally renowned expert in the field of microprocessor design, this cutting-edge hardware design tool presents unsurpassed coverage of the latests in VLIW microprocessing. Authoritative and comprehensive, VLIW Microprocessor Hardware Design features:

– Step-by-step information on the VLIW hardware design process 
– A wealth of Verilog-based designs 
– ASIC and FPGA implementations 
– Expert guidance on the best-known methods for RTL coding 
– Over 75 detailed illustrations that clarify each aspect of VLIW design
– Inside this Complete VLIW Microprocessor Toolkit

• Introduction
• Design Methodology
• RTL Coding, Testbenching, and Simulation
• FPGA Implementation
• Testbenches and Simulation Results
• Synthesis Results and Gate Level Netlist


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