XML: eCommerce Solutions for Business and IT Managers By Solomon H. Simon
2001 | 259 Pages | ISBN: 0071371885 | PDF | 1 MB


“Big Picture” insights into one of the hottest, most promising eCommerce technologies 
If your company uses massive amounts of data from different sources, XML could be the Holy Grail. Using today’s conventional programs and processes, data may have to be translated and reformatted more than five times during data exchange and eCommerce. XML has the potential to speed up ebusiness applications and integration efforts, enabling the definition, transmission, validation, and interpretation of data. In XML: eCommerce Solutions for Business & IT Managers, author Solomon Simon helps you: 

  • Learn what XML is and where it came from 
  • Explore the advantages of using XML to solve business integration issues 
  • Apply proven strategic planning models to determining when, and how best to implement XML 
  • Understand the risks as well as the benefits associated with XML as a business enterprise solution, as well as common organizational obstacles to XML implementation 

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